Community Change – Africa


Community Change – Africa is Community Change, Inc.’s Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Ghana that promotes Pan-African empowerment through educational programs for youth and adults; and through capacity building initiatives for agencies in Africa.

Community Change – Africa’s mission is to make our continent a better place to live. Community Change – Africa pursues its mission by supporting the development of youth, families, and the agencies that serve them. We do this through four services: 1. educational programs; 2. professional development; 3. organizational development; and 4. fund development. Specifically, we provide youth workshops, curricula and college courses. We also do this by writing grant proposals, delivering staff trainings, and providing strategic planning support for organizations. All of our services are based on our niche approaches for career explorations, community organizing, cultural awareness, and relationship building.

Community Change-Africa also supports the development of up and coming artists in Africa through our partnership with Africa1Media, whose mission is to empower individuals and businesses in the entertainment, media, artistic and sports arenas by launching them onto the international stage and fully developing their brand and earning potential. Community Change-Africa does this by providing the following services in Ghana:

Thought Leadership Seminars: bimonthly workshops are delivered to educate and inform artists on the necessary steps to build strong brands and to break into emerging markets.
Teaching Opportunities: young artists are hired to develop and implement educational programs for public school students.
Business Development: one-to-one consultations to help artists develop and implement strategic business plans.