We're a New York State-based, capacity-building consulting firm whose mission is to make our community a better place to live by supporting the survival and success of youth, families, and the agencies that serve them.
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Community Change, Inc. supports youth, parents and families through a variety of youth programs and parent/family engagement initiatives. These services are in five areas: career explorations, community organizing, cultural education, financial education, and relationship education.
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Community Change, Inc. supports nonprofits, institutions of higher education, school districts, youth bureaus and other government agencies through customized staff trainings, curriculum development, fund development and strategic planning services that build their capacity to serve youth, parents and families.
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Our Six Services

K through 12th Grade Activities

Community Change, Inc. programs are based on our trademark framework that promotes research, critical thinking, and engagement through a structured yet creative mix of questions, references and fun, team-building exercises.

Community Involvement

Community Change, Inc. provides a wide variety of workshops to enhance and strengthen the skills of parents, guardians and other adult caregivers to help them guide their children through schools and their community.

Staff Trainings

Community Change, Inc. trains the staff of its clients to turnkey its approaches for career explorations, community organizing, cultural education and relationship building.

Lessons Plans, Educational Guides & Manuals

We supports schools, school districts, government agencies, not-for-profits, and institutions of higher education the development of academic curricula and college courses based on the CareerVisions, Community Change, Legacy, Money Move$ and/or Peace Models.

Organizational Development

Community Change, Inc. engages its clients in a variety of strategic planning processes to build their capacity to overcome their critical challenges.

Fund Development

Community Change, Inc.’s fund development service supports organizations in writing proposals for funding to serve youth, families and communities; these funds also support the adaptation of our program models.

Create Dynamic Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) K-12 Lessons & Parent Workshops Using Professor A.I.'s Generator!!!

The New York State Office of Children & Family Services has announced a new, 5-year funding opportunity for afterschool programs!

Explore The Black Experience!

Engage Your Students, Parents and Community in Dynamic Lessons about the Black Experience Powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Explore The Latino Experience!

Engage Your Students, Parents and Community in Dynamic, Bilingual Learning Experiences Powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Upcoming Presentations on the
Community Change Pedagogy & Teacher PAI

College, Careers & Financial Freedom Courses for Older Youth & Young Adults

Done in collaboration with the New York City Department of Education and the Department of Homeless Services, CareerVisions, Ltd.’s College, Careers & Financial Freedom Courses for Older Youth & Young Adults is a program for high school youth ages who reside in shelters throughout New York City.

Seeking instructors for school
and shelter-based programs



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Since its inception in 2009, Community Change, Inc. has educated more than 23,500 K-12th grade students and their families; trained more than 600 teachers and other direct service staff; strengthened nearly 50 different government, for-profit and nonprofit agencies; and raised nearly $45 million in government funding to advance its mission. 


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Press & Stories

After-school programs for homeless NYC youth push to make a difference

Local artists collaborate on mural in Yonkers

Community Change and CareerVisions, NY combine to win five 21st CCLC awards totalling $7.92 million through 2027

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