Engagement Activities & Exercises

CCI’s List of Resources for Engagement


Black Lives Matter at School

Best Kids’ Websites

National Gallery of Art App

50 Online Art and Music Resources to Help Kids Learn and Create from Home

Online Art Activities

10 Interactive Sites With Fun Art Games for Kids

4 Websites Where Kids Can Create Digital Art


Atlanta Black Star online magazine

Former Board of Regents Adelaide Sanford Speech on Education

Rethinking Schools

Can’t Jail the Revolution! and Break the Walls Down! Political Prisoners in the United States

Why is culture important?

The importance of being culturally aware

Social Effects of Culture

Cultural media/publications for different nationalities

The Black Agenda Report

Legacy Systemic Racism Explained!

The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture

Race, Ethnicity, Nationality and Jellybeans

Community Change

Research for community demographics/statistics:

Keeping Track


Westchester County Association

US Census

NYS Department of Health

NYC Community District Profiles

NYC Community Planning

NYC Open Data

The Furman Center

Westchester Children’s Association

Zip Code Atlas, Area Code, City & State Profiles


College Scorecard – ranking system for colleges

Success and the New Economy

Problems in our School System

How School Makes Kids Less Intelligent | Eddy Zhong | TEDxYouth@BeaconStreet

Toxic culture of education: Joshua Katz

Levels of wealth

Notable companies founded by Black entrepreneurs



Annual Conference on Restorative Practices

International Institute on Restorative Practices

Community Change Africa

Wealth in Africa

Computers, cell phones, and child mining in Africa