Parent and Family Engagement

Parent and Family Engagement

CCI provides a wide variety of workshops to enhance and strengthen the skills of parents, guardians and other adult caregivers to help them guide their children through schools and their community. CCI parent workshops improve their knowledge and skills related to education, economics, community resources, adolescent sexual health and risky behaviors. Workshops can be conducted at the school or community location of the client. with parents alone and/or with their children to improve communication skills. Workshops are facilitated by a variety professionals, including educators of representatives of social service providers with significant expertise in the training topics.

The Fatherhood Initiative

Community Change, Inc. is partnering with the New York City Department of Youth & Community Development to support agencies of its Fatherhood Initiative in designing and implementing family literacy programs in their communities.


Parent Workshops

Public Assistance what you need to know about your rights.
This workshop is designed to help clients understand the public welfare system. Clients will gain reference material about their right and public assistance (2 hour to 3 day training).

Subsidized Programs in NYC
This workshop is designed to teach clients and working professionals about programs available in NYC. Clients and working
professionals will understand major criteria for eligibility for housing subsides (2 hour to 3 day training).

Talking to your Kids about Sex and STDs
This workshop is designed for parents. We will help parents begin to get comfortable with the idea of sex and consequences of sex. This workshop is sensitive and understands Children’s levels of curiosity, age and level of maturity (2 hour to 3 day training).

Stress Management
This workshop was designed in two parts: Workshop is designed to help working professionals handle stress in the workplace.
Professionals will learn valuable techniques and short exercises to help reduce tension and cope with stress. The second part of this workshop is designed to help clients to develop coping skills and utilize the skills during stressful times (1 hour to 2 day training).

Time Management
This workshop is designed to teach professionals and clients personal time management skills. We will teach simple and practical
techniques to work effectively in their professional and private lives (1 hour to 2 day training).

Money Management
Learning effective money management not only enables you to live comfortably within your means. Money management is a means to
an end. However, make your goal practical and be sure the “end” is in clear sight (1 hour to 2 day training).

Understanding the World of a Teenager
This workshop is designed to help parents communicate effectively with their teenager; helps parents to understand hormonal and
psychological changes during teenage years (2 hour to 3 day training).

Higher Education and Financial Aid
This workshop discus the difference between college sectors, this includes private, city and trade schools. This workshop also discusses major grants and scholarships available through NYS (1 Hour).

Advocating for a Higher Salary
This workshop is designed to help working professionals research and understand salary and work experience trends. Professionals will learn to request and negotiate salary raises (1 Hour).

Transitioning Your Child from Middle to High School
This workshop teaches parents how to write cover letters, create portfolio, prepare for interviews, gives reference material for tutoring to specialized High School Programs and short resume writing. This workshop also helps parent’s research boarding schools as an option for their children.

Other Workshops for Parents

  • Getting to the Core of the Common Core for Parents
  • How to Help Your Child Prepare for Common Core Tests
  • How to Help Your Child Study and Time-Manage Effectively
  • Creative Parental Solutions for Challenging Behavior
  • How to Help Your Child Improve Reading and Writing Skills
  • Understanding Disabilities
  • Transitioning from Middle to High School
  • Cyberbullying and Your Child
  • Common Core Standards (Spanish)
  • Support for ELL Parents
  • Financial Awareness
  • Supporting Your Child To Succeed in School
  • Team Building
  • Running Effective Meetings
  • Navigating the College Application Process
  • Resume Preparation
  • Employment Readiness
  • College and Career Readiness
  • How to Prepare and Pay for Your Child’s College
  • Understanding Common Core
  • Understanding Your Child’s State Scores.
  • I am Parent being the first Teacher
  • Keeping the Lines of Communication Open with your Child’s Teacher.
  • Attendance/Lateness Issues – the importance of it.
  • Homework – how can I help my child?
  • Understanding what learning style is my child – i.e. visual learning, audio learning, etc.
  • The Internet & Iphones – are they helpful or harmful to my child.
  • How to Help Your Child Read for Content and Quality
  • Being in Healthy Relationships
  • How to Help Your Child Get the Grade You Want in the Classes They Are In