Educational Programs

Educational Programs

Community Change, Inc. programs are based on our trademark framework that promotes research, critical thinking, and engagement through a structured yet creative mix of questions, references and fun, team-building exercises. Our programs are appropriate for 3rd-12th grade students; students in temporary housing; English Language Learners; Students With Disabilities; and foster care youth. Community Change, Inc.’s programs can be offered in school, community, foster care and/or juvenile justice settings as the following types of programs:

  • Before school
  • In-/day-school
  • Afterschool
  • Summer
  • Transitions to middle/high school programs (the transitions to middle/high school programs are for 6th and 9th graders only)

The following are Community Change, Inc.’s programs:

CareerVisions (career explorations) engages students from kindergarten through college in a variety of fun yet challenging activities that support them in defining and pursuing their career ambitions as they analyze and address their community concerns. Students are engaged in an exploration of people, places and other things related to their field of interest.

Community Change (community engagement) is an award winning approach to engage students from kindergarten through college in identifying, analyzing and addressing social issues in their neighborhood through the dynamic integration of critical questions, interesting activities and references. In practice, Community Change is applied to a single issue identified and selected by the students. Past Community Change Projects have focused on such issues as drugs, gangs, and violence.

Legacy (cultural education) engages students from kindergarten through college in an exploration of their culture as it is manifested in their field of interest. Legacy gives youth an idea of the kind of people they can be for themselves and their community. The goal of Legacy is to increase student awareness of their culture in their field of interest. Through fun, age-appropriate and challenging activities, students become aware of the presence and impact of their people in a variety of subjects and fields.

Money Move$ (financial literacy) engages youth and adults in learning about investment strategies through a variety of creative exploratory and expression exercises, as applied to findings from research. Money Move$ is comprised of nine different courses, each focusing on a particular investment type:

  • Bonds
  • Businesses
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Futures
  • Real Estate
  • Non-Fungible Tokens
  • Retirement Funds
  • Stocks
Money Move$ is an introduction to various investment types. As such, it is only intended to be informative and is not financial advice.

Peace (restorative practices/relationship building) engages students from kindergarten through college in exercises that repair harm and develop relationships. Research shows schools implementing restorative practices have seen a drop in disciplinary problems, decreased reliance on detention and suspension, and an improvement in student attitudes. Educators worldwide are using restorative practices to prevent bullying and violence. In Peace, this is done by navigating six phases of exploration: self, family, class & school, community, nation and world.

Other programs that apply Community Change, Inc.’s framework and aforementioned models to targeted audiences and content include:

The Black Experience Course
is a teacher guided, student-driven exploration of the lives of Black people using resources that reflect their experiences, interests and perspectives. The Black Experience Course allows students to learn about Black people in connection to the following topical areas:

  • Africa – the continent of geographic origin for Black people.
  • Culture – the identity and interactions of Black people.
  • Economics – exploring the finances of Black people.
  • Education – exploring the process for teaching and learning among Black people.
  • Entertainment – the presence and interests of Black people in the performance industry.
  • Health – exploring the factors related to the physical and mental wellbeing of Black people.
  • Justice – exploring systems for ensuring the safety, civil and human rights for Black people.
  • Leadership – an exploration of Black people and organizations seeking to help their people overcome their challenges.
  • Politics – exploring the relationship and roles of Black people in the process and system of governance in the United States.
  • STEAM – exploring the relationship and roles of Black people in science, technology, engineering, agriculture and math.

Los Embajadores is an affinity group that provides targeted support to newcomers and English Language Learners in building their cultural awareness, leadership and literacy skills.

Genius applies science, technology, engineering, agriculture and math to addressing the needs, interests and concerns of the community.

Creative Expressions features a variety art, dance and other art forms to engage students in exploring their interests and engaging their community.

Level Up supports students in getting ready for the next stage of their educational career, including exam preparation.

  • for elementary school students – middle school preparation, selection and readiness.
  • for middle school students – high school preparation, selection and readiness.
  • for high school students – college preparation, selection and readiness.