Kenyatta Funderburk

Kenyatta Tyehimba Funderburk is the founder and Executive Director of Community Change, Inc.. He developed the CareerVisions, Community Change, Legacy and Peace Models as approaches for career explorations, community organizing, cultural awareness and restorative practices/relationship building, respectively. These models are at the foundation of all of his company’s programs. He has taught these models as courses at Lehman College, and has trained several adjuncts who have also taught separate courses on each model there. He has raised more than $30 million for his programs over the years. In 1999, he achieved his Masters Degree in Human Services at Lincoln University, PA. In 2009, Mr. Funderburk worked with U.S. Department of Education–21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLCs) through Development Without Limits to identify and examine the best practices in high school 21st CCLC programs across the country. Additionally, he has won numerous awards in recognition of his innovative programs for young people, including The After-School Corporation’s (TASC) Promising Practice Award and the Partnership for Afterschool Education’s PASEsetter Award.

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