Elizabeth M. O’Raffity

Elizabeth M. O’Raffity is a well-rounded, school administrator who has made great strides in educating students, teachers, and parents in diverse communities. Over 31 years with the NYC school system has molded Elizabeth into a leader with the ability to assess needs, develop a plan, and facilitate change both academically and within the culture of an organization. With certification in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and integral knowledge of the creative and performing arts standards, her capacity and skills include professional development, curriculum design, assessment/data analysis linked to learning improvement, budgeting and resource management, STEM and STEAM expertise, and communication media design. Her own recent learning includes digital media at NYC STEM Institute and Intro to Coding at Touro Graduate School. Her future goals include working with community organizations, school districts, and home school parents engaging students in “knowledge fascination” and developing the “skills for success” in 21st century learning.

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