Dr. Eva Lopez

Dr. Eva Lopez has successfully created unique youth, community, and professional development programs for colleges, schools and community based organizations in New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Puerto Rico. She currently serves as an Adjunct Assistant Professor for CUNY’s School for Professional Studies and John Jay College for Criminal Justice. She has been instrumental at founding and promoting Latina/o theatre practices throughout the United States with theater such as: the Shaman Repertory Theater (NY), Teatro del Pueblo (MN), and Casa Cruz de la Luna (PR). She has been nominated for the PaseSetter Award, an award for providing outstanding service and leadership to New York City’s children. Dr. Lopez holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Syracuse University, a Master of Arts from City College of New York and Doctor of Education in Higher Education from Union Institute & University. Her book entitled, Act4Change: Building Creative Capacity in Communities of Struggle is scheduled for publication in June 2019.

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