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Educational Liaison

As an Educational Liaison, you will play a pivotal role in ensuring programmatic and administrative accountability while supporting site coordinators and teachers in the effective implementation of lessons based on our pedagogy. This role combines the responsibilities of both contract monitoring and activity monitoring into a single, comprehensive position.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Conduct bi-monthly meetings with site coordinators and teachers (up to two hours each).
  • Review lessons and program compliance on a monthly basis (approximately two hours per month).
  • Perform monthly virtual visits to sites (one hour per visit).
  • Check and review payroll submissions (around two hours per month).
  • Attend meetings with clients, possibly on a monthly basis (one hour each).

Note: The schedule for these activities will be coordinated based on the availability of the Educational Liaison, teachers, and clients.

  • Rate: $60 per hour, 3-5 hours weekly
  • Time: Monthly site visits, either in person or virtual, for up to three hours per site.
  • Objective: Ensure programmatic and administrative accountability using a compliance checklist.
  • Required Strengths: Mastery of contract terms for assigned sites, strong problem-solving skills, and the ability to effectively communicate and enlighten others.

This multifaceted role offers an opportunity to make a significant impact by ensuring program compliance and supporting the effective implementation of our educational models. If you have a passion for education, compliance, and strong communication skills, we invite you to join our team as an Educational Liaison and contribute to our mission of educational excellence.

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