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Administrative Assistant


Administrative Assistants serve the important role of providing data entry services for the organization.

The data entry tasks of the administrative assistant focus on:

  1. Student enrollment
  2. Attendance
  3. Enrollment and attendance reports
  4. Program schedules.

Regularly attend meetings on-line, via phone, or in-person as called for, timely email correspondence as you mentioned are the other tasks.


1. To oversee and implement the data entry and reporting tasks of the organizations.
2. To support the continuous quality improvement and contract management efforts of the organization.

Towards meeting these objectives, the administrative assistant will:

The Administrative Assistant will need to review the attendance as completed for each teacher.
The Administrative Assistant will need to review the rosters of each of the teachers to make sure that the students listed in each club have in fact completed the enrollment form.
The Administrative Assistant will need to review the information submitted by the student/family to make sure that everything is correct.
The Administrative Assistant will regularly access the completed enrollment forms which are generated as a Google survey response that populate a Google sheet.
The Administrative Assistant will produce reports generated by our customized database system.
The Administrative Assistant will input and update the schedule of activities in the database system.
The Administrative Assistant will attend meetings and follow-up with emails, as required.


Our programs are safe spaces for young people both physically and emotionally. If hired, the use of profanity, nudity and/or any other inappropriate contact, conversations, graphics, language and/or materials are all prohibited. Doing so will definitely result in your immediate termination and may result in both civil and criminal charges against you.

Being intoxicated and/or under the influence of any substance whatsoever during authorized scheduled hours is prohibited. Doing so will definitely result in your immediate termination.

Under no circumstance is a team member to promote their independent work or negotiate an independent relationship, professional or otherwise, with a client or participant without the prior knowledge or consent of this company’s Executive Director. Doing so will result in the permanent end of our working relationship.


Time Commitment:

The administrative assistant is compensated for up to six hours weekly. This includes:

  • Inputting completed student enrollment forms, attendance sheets, enrollment and attendance reports, and activity schedules.
  • Planning and follow-up meetings.
  • Planning and follow-up email communications.


Please be advised that we are an entity independent of any and every school district and teacher union. As such, we are not bound by any other pay rates, as we have our own (see below).

The regular hourly rate for the administrative assistant is $35/hour.


Must have excellent grammar, both written and verbal.

Must be computer-proficient, with familiarity in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, emails, and internet explorations.

Please send resumes to

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