Student Workshops

Community Change I — What’s the Problem?
This workshop series challenges youth participants to pick a social issue to learn about. Through a variety of fun, dynamic activities, students analyze the causes, effects, and supports/solutions to any single issue that is a concern to them, their school or their community.

Community Change II — Time for Some Action!
Through this workshop series, young people develop and implement a community action project to take on a neighborhood problem of their choice. They decide on their roles and responsibilities based on their special talents and interests. Students also recruit community members and relevant social service providers to participate in the planning and implementation of their selected action project.

CareerVisions engages K-12th grade youth in a variety of fun yet challenging activities that support them in defining and pursuing their career ambitions, while also analyzing and addressing their community concerns. With a focus on career explorations and community engagement, the goal of CareerVisions is to develop young professionals who are effective leaders and committed to making their community a better place to live. What do you want to be when you grow up? That’s perhaps the most common question asked of young people. Rarely does the question of how will they improve their community come up. This workshop series engages youth in exploring their career interests while addressing their relevant community concerns.

Spell-a-Mania is an award-winning activity that features intense word games and spelling competitions amongst K-12th grade youth. Focusing on age-appropriate and relevant vocabulary word lists, Spell-A-Mania students compete against each other for various prizes and recognitions. The goal of Spell-A-Mania is to strengthen student proficiency in spelling.

Legacy engages students in an exploration of the Black and Latino experience. Legacy gives youth an idea of the kind of people they can be for themselves and their community. The goal of Legacy is to promote the awareness and appreciation of past and present leaders of the Black and Latino experience. Through fun, age-appropriate and challenging activities, students are reconnected to their rich tradition of leadership and community empowerment. As a supplement, schools may order The Legacy Study & Activity Guide is for students in grades 3 – 12. This guide features customizable profiles of Black and Latino leaders and supplemental word games, puzzles and other activities that allow students to demonstrate what they learned about the Black and Latino experience.

College Awareness and Readiness Workshops

  • Student Empowerment -An interactive workshop on the difference between high school and college.
  • Introduction to Higher Education
  • Critical Thinking and Multicultural Education: A workshop on reading and thinking strategies for college success.
  • So You Want to Go to College? -Strategies on how to select a college
  • Financial Aid
  • Work Readiness Skills
  • How to Job Hunt
  • How to Write a Resume
  • How to Interview for a Job
  • How to Dress for the Workplace

Student Empowerment
An interactive workshop on the difference between high school and college. Students use theater strategies to explore their role and responsibility for their education.