Other Community Change Inc. Services

Train the Trainer Workshops

Using The Community Change Model, Introduction to Community Change Violence. Gangs. Drugs. Teenage pregnancy. These are just a few of the many issues that concern our youth. However, we know that our youth may have other interests. This workshop will demonstrate how the Community Change Model can be used to take what K-12 youth enjoy doing and turn it into basic ways of tackling the tough issues of our community.

The Community Change Institute, Building Community Change into your Program This series of workshops prepares staff to be adept in the design and implementation of learning plans for each phase of the Community Change Model (1. Self-Examination. 2. Statement of the Selected Issue. 3. Causes of the Issue. 4. Effects of the Issue. 5. Supports, Solutions & Suggestions for the Issue. 6. Action Projects) for K-12 youth.

Youth Development Workshops

Managing Children’s Behavior
This workshops uses interactive and theater techniques to practice positive discipline and behavior management strategies for after school staff/educators.

Theater Strategies for SACC Staff/Educators
Participants learn different theatre arts techniques to use with youth.

Child Abuse and Maltreatment Detection
Through group work and role play, after school educators learn their responsibility and role as mandated reporter

Mandatory Reporting
Reminds working professionals of their duty to report child abuse and neglect under federal law. The workshop helps to define, give scenarios, and gives reference material for appropriate reporting to ACS. This workshop is not designed with a certificate (1 Hour).

Classroom Management
After school educators review classroom management techniques based on youth development principles

Lesson Planning for After School Educators
Participants learn how to develop engaging and standards driven lessons for youth in after school settings

Cultural Competence
This workshop is designed to help working professionals recognize how personal and professional values may conflict with the needs of diverse clients. It prepares participants to develop an understanding of their own personal cultural values and beliefs as a way of self development and recognition (2 hour training or 2 day training).

Addressing Race and Cultural Relations
This workshops helps to stimulate and incorporate multicultural awareness into work and life experiences. This teaches professionals to have open discussions with clients regarding issues of race and ethnicity; teaching professionals to strengthen and cultivate healthy outcomes for the professional work environment (1 hour to 3 day training).

Advanced Workshops For Staff/Educators

Collaborations for Community Change
Sometimes, you may feel like there are so many more problems than solutions. However, if you look past the problems, you might see that there is a community of individuals and agencies who share similar challenges and would love to work with you to make things better. This workshop will look at creative and dynamic ways of building winning partnerships that strengthen your school, program, agency and community.

Other Community Change Workshop Topics

  • Publicity and Marketing for Community Change
  • Community Change and The Arts
  • How to Get the Community Involved in your Community Change Action Project
  • Fundraising for Community Change
  • Program-wide Special Events Using The Community Change Model
  • Integrating Community Change into English, Math, Science, Technology and Social Studies Curricula
  • Parent Engagement and Community Change
  • Financial Literacy and Community Change
  • Community Change and The Environment
  • CareerVisions: Career Explorations and Community Change
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