Program Directors’ Institute

The Program Directors’ Institute is an eight-session online professional development experience for program managers/coordinators/supervisors and/or their designees. Each session will be for two hours. Additionally, the facilitator will be available for an hour after each session has been completed to provide one-to-one technical assistance to staff as needed. The goal of The Program Directors’ Institute is develop strategies that effectively address any challenges in the design, implementation and oversight of their programs.The objective of the The Program Directors’ Institute is to engage participants in in-person or online sessions of strategic planning in the following areas: 

  • Program culture
  • Activities and services
  • Program staff
  • Marketing, recruitment and retention
  • Administration
  • Partnerships

As a result of The Program Directors’ Institute, participants will gain knowledge and skills of strategies to 1. Build upon the strengths and capitalize off of the opportunities in each of the aforementioned areas for their program; and 2. Address the weaknesses and circumvent/neutralize the threats in each of the aforementioned areas for their program.