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Art Club Presentation

Pelham Preparatory Academy Empire Afterschool Program

2020-2021 Teacher’s Schedule

Teacher Club Title Link Schedule Email Description
Ciara Geraghty Art Club Community Change (Mon. & Thurs.) 3:30-pm-6:30pm The goal of art club is for students to have an opportunity to create artwork that relates to and reacts to their community and the world around them. Students are taught the value of art in society and will learn the role that an artist has to the world around them.

In visual arts club, students come twice a week after school for an opportunity to express themselves, grow in technical art skills, and challenge themselves creatively. Students are regarded as artists and the classroom is regarded as their studio. That being said, students learn where and how supplies are stored, learn techniques to help them use the supplies, and participate in studio cleanup. Not only are students expected to think and create like artists, but to understand the importance and value of the supplies.
O. Flannery Student Council Community Change (Wed. Thurs. Fri.) 2:45pm-4:45 pm Through this lesson, the group will explore issues of power and how power structures impact their lives. It also allows the group to begin to discuss systems of power and to build a set of shared experiences. Finally, real youth victories are illustrated so that youth start to recognize their own capacity to make change.

This activity may bring up strong feelings for participants.

Because this exercise asks personal questions it is best used with a group of youth who have already established trust with each other. The facilitator needs to be prepared to help participants understand how identity can shape a person’s experiences and how history influences which groups have power.

Conduct a group brainstorm of victories that youth have had organizing for something good in their communities.