CareerVisions Model

The CareerVisions Model is a process for getting people to explore professional possibilities according to their interests. The CareerVisions Model has six sequential phases for this exploration:

  1. Individual Interests
  2. People in the Selected Field of Interest
  3. Places in the Selected Field of Interest
  4. Other Things (other fields; the selected field’s media and technology; etc.) Related to the Selected Field of Interest
  5. Social Issues Related to the Selected Field of Interest
  6. Individual and Group Actions (the individual takes action towards pursuing their career; the group takes action to address the social issue)

The CareerVisions Model can be applied to any professional field or industry. The Model enables the facilitator to engage students in dynamic activities to use researched references (literature, media or people) that yield answers to the questions of each phase. The CareerVisions Model may also be applied to different geographical contexts. In other words, the exploration may be contextualized to one or more communities, states or nations, depending upon the interest of the group and the references used.

Students in each of your groups should complete the following projects during/and by the close of each phase as follows:

  • Phase I: Create profile/account on
  • Phase II: Interview a local professional in their field of interest.
  • Phase III: Visit a place in their field of interest.
  • Phase IV: Students create a newsletter that covers the crimes, health risks, technology, trends and media in their field
    of interest.
  • Phase V: Community service exercise to address issue related to their field of interest. Some examples of social issues addressed by students interested in specific careers are as follows:

    Education: High School Drop-Outs; Bullying; Juvenile Delinquency
    Health: Diabetes; Smoking; Substance Abuse; Obesity
    Business: Poverty; Unemployment; Discrimination
    Technology: Computer Illiteracy; Cyberbullying; Identity Theft

  • Phase VI: Students organize a career fair for their school/community and create resumes, cover letters and do college/job searches for themselves.