CareerVisions Institute

The CareerVisions Institute is the afterschool program model of Community Change, Inc. that is adopted by educational and youthserving institutions to provide K-12 students with activities that center on career explorations and community engagement. The
CareerVisions Institute has been adopted by Development Without Limits, Good Shepherd Services, the Hunter School for Social Work
and Lehman College/City University of New York to serve middle and high school youth in ten schools throughout the Bronx.

  • The CareerVisions Institute uses a variety of clubs (such as dance, performing arts, photography and martial arts) to springboard students’ participation in career explorations and community organizing. This gets students involved in activities they enjoy, while getting them to define and pursue their career ambitions and to also get them involved in making their community a better place to live. Group projects, team games, field trips, conflict management, public performances and presentations are among the many activities students will enjoy by being a part of the CareerVisions Institute. By integrating career explorations and community engagement into all CareerVisions Institute activities, students pursue their ambitions while asserting their leadership and gaining exposure to professional opportunities in their field of interest. Through the combination of its career- and community-focused activities, CareerVisions Institute students will:

  • Explore, define and pursue their career interests
  • Analyze and address social issues that are related to their career interests
  • Apply their career interests to addressing their community concerns.

The CareerVisions Institute is designed to use students’ personal strengths and interests as the platform from which to engage them in career explorations and community change. Altogether, the CareerVisions Institute prepares students to survive and succeed in a highly-competitive global economy. Ultimately, the CareerVisions Institute seeks to develop youth into career-minded, community leaders.