Bronx Compass High School, 1980 Lafayette Avenue, Bronx, NY 10473

Adebowale Oshodi’s Youth Leadership Mentors Club using the Community Change Model for Community Organizing
Wednesdays, from 2:40 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Room 391

The Bronx Compass Mentor’s Club is designed to empower the student leaders. Through activities and reflection, leaders will leadership abilities and serve as mentors to their peers. 

The Bronx Compass Mentor’s Club is for students who want to become a bigger part of student leadership at Bronx Compass. Students will share their ideas through various forums with the principal. Students will also recruit and mentor underclassmen. 

The Mentor’s Club has been asked to visit middle school students to share their experiences of high school and share the various activities that Bronx Compass has to offer. The Mentor’s Club members are also active tutors, mentors and “Restorative Justice” leaders in the school. 7 out of 8 student members of the Bronx Compass Restorative Justice team are also Bronx Compass Mentors.  In The Mentor’s Club we focus on self-determination and self improvement. Compass Mentors are always in a state of reflection and assessment of their weaknesses and strengths to further better themselves. 

This semester, the Mentor’s Club will be working on creating the Restorative Justice Team at Bronx Compass. Restorative Justice is an idea that the community takes a bigger role in deciding measures of discipline especially for non-safety related incidents that occur within the Bronx Compass Community. 

The Bronx Compass Mentor’s Club will bring lasting change to Bronx Compass High School. 

Zlatica Horcinova’s Environmental Club using the Community Change Model for Community Organizing
Thursdays, from 2:35 p.m. to 5:05 p.m.
Room 349

Zlatica Horcinova’s Environmental Club was created out of the need to get students involved in sustaining life on our beautiful planet. In the Environmental Club, Students will learn more about the environment and increase their appreciation about nature. Students will ultimately be able to teach others about nature and the environment.

Students will take the steps necessary to maintain a healthy and sustainable environment. Students will develop a plan for increasing recycling at the school. Students will engage the school community in collecting paper and plastic bottles. Students will go on trips to open student minds about the environment. Other activities will include hiking and learning about sustainable energy.