Bronx Bridges High School, 1980 Lafayette Avenue, Bronx, NY 10473

Erika Palomino’s Multicultural Service Learning Club using the Legacy Model for Cultural Education
Thursdays from 3:40 p.m. to 5:40 p.m.
Room 345

The multicultural club offers an opportunity for students to celebrate their cultures and learn about all cultures represented at school. Furthermore, the students develop leadership skills, their creativity and other talents by helping in the creation of multicultural activities and celebrations throughout the school year. 

Many students at Bronx Bridges High School are recent immigrants to the country. Students should join the Multicultural Club because they will learn about the various cultures in the school and have opportunities to share their own. Students in the Multiculture Club will take trips to museums and other destinations to learn about their culture and that of others. The students will participate in school trips, prepare a celebration for Black History and Asian Pacific Heritage month in February and May, respectively. 

Students in this club will explore issues that affect the various cultures in the school, while creating cultural celebrations for the school community to enjoy. They will also watch videos to help them explore career possibilities and other issues related to their culture.

In the past, the Multicultural Club has organized the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration. They also visited El Museo del Barrio to celebrate Day of the Death and visited the Museum of Chinese in America to learn about immigrants and Chinese culture. They also created posters that featured important people who are representatives of the various cultures in the school.

Crystal Lamb’s Arts & Music Club using the Legacy Model for Cultural Education
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. 
Room 309D

Students will strengthen their literacy skills through art and music. They will create and illustrate children’s books as well as a large scale mural for the school. Students will learn about illustrators who are similar to them and understand their career trajectory. Students should join this club to practice their English and art skills in a fun, loving environment.

Victor Barrientos’ STEM Club using the Peace Model for Relationship Building
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday from 3:35 p.m. to 4:50 p.m.
Room 311

Students will learn how to read a plan for construction. They will make a project presentation by working with foam board and many other tools used for architectural models. Students will also learn how to work in groups using the Peace Model using restorative practices and practicing the good behavior in the community they belong to.

Activities in the STEM club will include creating model house presentations, area measurements and exploring the importance of construction in today’s world.

Students will be able to present a final project about home construction, and how to read information on a plan. They will choose the plan they will be in charged of towards making a real house presentation.

Students will make a model house using real plan downloaded from the internet. They will identify all elements for construction and will compete for the best house presentation.